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22 May 2017 @ 05:15 pm
This is going to be long. Feel free to ignore/only look at the photos :)

After first thinking that traveling 10+hours (900km/560miles) for a concert (Noah Gundersen), I soon changed my mind and began planing my trip. I was going to stay with Monjas (my brother's GF) friends Juliane & Phillip for just one night first, but once my brother heard about it, he suggested he come along and we make a long weekend out of it. I was quite unsure about this idea as I didn't want him to come along because he didn't want me to be alone (worrying about others being alone is a big thing in our family. I think it comes from our mum being in hospital 4 hours away at weeks at a time all alone, with no visitors, many times while we were growing up) and I didn't think he'd enjoy the concert. Eventually he convinced me that he really did want to come and flights and hotel were quickly booked.

Friday and the hassle getting thereCollapse )

Saturday and the 10 miles walkCollapse )

Sunday, concert day!Collapse )

Monay, back to/in SwitzerlandCollapse )

Tuesday, uneventful journey homeCollapse )

PhotosCollapse )