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22 May 2017 @ 05:15 pm
Berlin, May 13-14th 2017  
This is going to be long. Feel free to ignore/only look at the photos :)

After first thinking that traveling 10+hours (900km/560miles) for a concert (Noah Gundersen), I soon changed my mind and began planing my trip. I was going to stay with Monjas (my brother's GF) friends Juliane & Phillip for just one night first, but once my brother heard about it, he suggested he come along and we make a long weekend out of it. I was quite unsure about this idea as I didn't want him to come along because he didn't want me to be alone (worrying about others being alone is a big thing in our family. I think it comes from our mum being in hospital 4 hours away at weeks at a time all alone, with no visitors, many times while we were growing up) and I didn't think he'd enjoy the concert. Eventually he convinced me that he really did want to come and flights and hotel were quickly booked.

On Friday I caught the midday train and was off to meet him in Basel. Two hours into my train journey, I heard that there had been an accident on the train line (train vs. beverages truck, no one was hurt). Lots of worry and texts with my brother and mum later, I did make it to Basel about an hour late and now I was worrying about missing the flight. We got to the airport as quick as possible and luckily all went okay. Well, apart from the plane being 2 hours late. If it hadn't we probably would have missed the flight, so yay for bad weather in Amsterdam.

We got to the hotel around 10pm and then went to eat at a Greek restaurant, Romiosini, across the road. It was loud with constant booming music and disco lights for some odd reason. The food was okay though.

The next morning we enjoyed breakfast and then headed out to have a look at the town, catch a Hop On/Hop Off bus. We saw a few of the usual tourist places and hopped off at the main station where we were going to meet Juliane & Phillip in a couple of hours. All morning I had been bothered by a headache but at this point it had turned really bad and all I really wanted to do was go back to the hotel and sleep, maybe get a massage at the spa there, but I didn't want to miss out. My body was telling me to eat something hot and salty = chips. We quickly found a burger place in a quieter road and both ordered some chips and a coke. Although I'd been craving something salty, I had a really hard time getting the food down and had to eat very slowly. The chips also tasted weird to me (Gian-Marco confirmed that they did in fact taste just fine). Strange, what a headache can do to you. I also had two painkillers and after a while I was feeling better.

We headed off up a random road to eventually circle back to the station. We managed to time the walk perfectly and arrived at the station just before Juliane & Phillip got there. Phillip, a native Berliner, instantly went in to tour guide mode and led us on a 4 hour walk through the town (about 16km/10miles). I am trying to remember the exact route, but am missing some parts. I will add a map once I have it back together.

Around 7pm we had dinner at a Asian, Nepalese restaurant. Apart from Italian restaurants there isn't much choice up here, so this was rather exiting for me! I ended up getting Momos with peanut sauce ;)

After dinner Juliane & Phillip walked us to a bus stop and Gian-Marco and I made our way back to the hotel. There were plans to meet up again at 11pm at a club, but after a few nights of not sleeping well, the worry of possibly missing the plane and two painkillers, I was so tired I was feeling the room move and decided to stay in. Gian-Marco did go out again and was back about 2am-ish.

On Sunday we had a small breakfast before catching the tram to meet Juliane & Phillip again. We walked around near and at the old airport before making our way to a small cafe for brunch. Juliane & Phillip had both had a birthday the week before and had arranged for us and some of their friends to meet up. The cafe was okay, but it took ages for drinks to arrive and it was way to hipster for my liking.

I'm no good in bigger groups and spent most of the next 5 hours quietly sitting and listening to other peoples conversations. I do feel we could have done something better with our limited time in Berlin, but Gian-Marco really wanted to go to the brunch so we did. At one point we did discuss saying goodbye and going to a museum but we were about 30mins away from most interesting sightseeing spots and decided to stay. At 4pm everyone said their goodbyes and the four of us started walking again. Phillip seems very fond of the old airport and took us there for the 3rd time. There we got caught in the rain and spent about 45mins waiting for it to stop. After the rain passed, we headed to the church that the concert was going to be in (on the way there I was on the constant lookout for Noah, didn't see him). Knowing where it was, we had a little dinner at a Mexican restaurant and soon after said bye and thank you to Juliane & Phillip.

Gian-Marco and I sat on a bench near the church for a while (Noah did pass us while we were sitting there) before joining the line (were Noah passed us again, so surprise). I enjoyed the concert very much! I loved the last concert were it was just him and his guitar, but having Abby and her violin there was beautiful. Gian-Marco wasn't really familiar with Noah's music but said he would go to another concert of his if he got the chance :)

After the concert I would have loved to hang out to maybe say hi to him and Abby, but as we had be up at 5am the next morning and I stupidly forgot my CD to have it signed, I decided it would be best to head on back to the hotel. On the way out I actually saw one of my LJ friends, io_2. I had wanted to say hi, but for some reason was to shy... :(

Monday we made our way to the airport. The taxi we'd ordered the day before forgot us, but the hotel staff was happy to order us another one which was there within a few minutes. We got the the airport just fine, had a small breakfast and were on our way back to Basel. I'd learned on the fight there that Gian-Marco is quite the nervous flyer (he's been one some hairy flights) and gets anxious every time there is the smallest little turbulence. I am sorry he is so uncomfortable flying, but am glad I was able to be there from him, keep him distracted. He wants to look in to doing a anti flight fear session before it gets any worse.

Back in Basel we rested and watched some TV before he had to go to work. I was given the option of either shopping until he was gone with work or staying at his apartment if I didn't clean it. I would have preferred to stay in and of course, clean (he is currently living alone and his place is in dire need of a clean). In the end I thought it would be unfair if got to stay in while he had to work so I went with him. He dropped me off at the top of a busy shopping street and I slowly made my way from there to his garage. It was a lovely warm day and I did see some lovely stores. Could have bought so much, but decided buying more stuff just before our move would be a bad idea.

Back at his place we had a dinner of salad, crisps and watermelon and watched the latest episode of Lucifer and some Superstore before getting to bed at a good, early time.

We were up early again on Tuesday and Gian-Marco dropped me off near the station as he headed of to work. I got some food and Luxemburgerli and caught the train home. Unlike the journey there was quick and straightforward. From Zurich to Chur I was the only person in an entire ICE waggon! I spent most the time watching series on my new Samsung Galaxy S7 phone (I am very much in love with my new phone).

Mum met me in Samedan and my little holiday was over.

My hotel room

State parliament

Neue Kirche

Concert hall

Friedrichswerder Church

Rotes Rathaus with the Television Tower in the background

Church of Saint Mary, one of Berlin's oldest churches. It is the only structure still standing from the historical centre of Berlin.

Berlin Cathedral


Brandenburg Gate

Reichstag building

Monument on the Kreuzberg (highest point in Berlin, 66 meters above sea level!) in the Viktoriaparc

View from the Kreuzberg

Huge area of the old Tempelhof Airport

Mauerbrunnen in the Invalidenpark

Passionchurch, where the concert took place
tabaquitabaqui on May 23rd, 2017 12:32 am (UTC)
Ooh, what lovely photos! Three and four and nine, in particular, are gorgeous.

Sounds like you had a nice holiday, despite a few little bobbles! I'm glad you decided to go. :)
Rosannazonikita on May 27th, 2017 10:29 pm (UTC)
My new phone takes rather good photos :)

We did! I am glad we went too, I hope we'll get to do something similar again some day :)