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Movies first watched in 2018

01. The Shape of Water, 05. March
02. Downsizing, 25. March
03. Lady Bird, 12. April
04. The Greatest Showman, 27. April
05. Coco, 02. June
06. The Mercy, 24. June
07. Isle of Dogs, 25. June
08. Adrift, 26. August
09. Passengers, 28. August
10. Hidden Figures, 22. September
11. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, 23. September
12. Joy, 21. October
13. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, 22. October
14. Deadpool 2, 27. October
15. The BFG, 30. October
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I've been lighting the candle on Nikita's urn every day. Last night, when I blew it out, this is what the wick looked like.


It has been a difficult 10 days. I cried a lot and kept getting upsetting thoughts like "I don't have her scent on me any more, how will other animals know I belong to her?" or the realization that she isn't just gone now, but that I will never, ever hold, see, cuddle her again. I can't count the amount of times I've almost gone looking for her to have a cuddle or thought I saw her from the corner of my eye. My arms also get uncomfortable when I think of how I used to hold her, it feels like a withdrawal symptom. Apparently, I used to always stroke her while on the phone, which I wasn't really aware of, but now I find myself walking from room to room not knowing what to do while chatting with some one. I haven't been able to wash the t-shirt I had on the last time I held her. Through the years I found many of her whiskers, but never kept them, which I regret. Weirdly though, I have been finding them all over the place now and am of course keeping them. In attempt to keep her close, I have commissioned two small resin orbs with her fur in them, one for me, one for mum, to be worn as a necklace.

I struggle with the fact that she was cremated and what that means. What happened to her little, soft body for her to be in that urn. But it was the only option. I would have preferred her be buried some place nice, but we have got so much snow, making a grave for her would not have been possible.

The urn arrived on Friday. I missed the post man and as it was a registered parcel, he took it with him again. I asked at work if could go get the post the next day instead of the porter, so that I could also pick up the parcel. Boss agreed, but her daughter/my co-worker then called her BF and asked him to go get it at 5pm (then the parcels can be picked up). It was his day off, but he agreed to go charm the people at the post into giving it to him. Luckily, I live in a small village where everyone knows everyone, and lady at the counter had also recently lost two pets, so she was empathetic to me wanting Niki back as soon as possible and gave the BF the parcel (even though she was breaking the rules). The first few days I had to stop myself from not taking the urn to bed with me. Part of me really wanted to, but another part was telling me that wouldn't be healthy. I do kiss it goodnight every night, though.

I do not like Fridays any more:
Friday, December 29: my grandmother died
Friday, January 5: my grandmother's funeral
Friday, January 12: Saddest birthday I can remember
Friday, January 19: I get the news that Nikita has a huge tumor
Friday, January 26: Nikita's urn arrives
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Movies first watched in 2016

01. The Stanford Prison Experiment, 03. January
02. Sleeping with Other People, 04. January
03. The Overnight, 05. January
04. The Diary of a Teenage Girl, 06. January
05. Room, 07. January
06. Brooklyn, 17. January
07. The Good Dinosaur, 08. February
08. Who's Driving Doug, 04. March
09. Mississippi Grind, 06. March
10. The Martian, 07. March
11. War Horse, 08. March
12. Arthur Newman, 09. March
13. Cooties, 15. March
14. Limitless, 23. March
15. Zootopia, 19. May
16. The Fundamentals of Caring, 26. June
17. Demolition, 27. June
18. The Intern, 06. August
19. The Secret Life of Pets, 01. September
20. Finding Dory, 25. October
21. Meet the Patels, 24. December
22. Deadpool, 25. December
23. Ant-Man, 25. December
23. The Nice Guys, 26. December
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41 Icons

- 12 Charlie Hunnam
- 8 Sons of Anarchy Series Finale (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)
- 3 Jeffrey Dean Morgan
- 1 John Krasinski
- 3 Lee Pace
- 11 Misc (hover over icon to see original artists name)
- 3 The Walking Dead

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movie: Pacific Rim

26 Icons

Recently watched "The Pirate Fair" and "Pacific Rim". Hence the icons ;)

- 12 Charlie Hunnam
- 3 Pacific Rim
- 1 Fringe
- 4 Tom Hiddleston
- 5 Emma Stone
- 1 Veronica Mars Movie

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Mini Icon Post

Made most these for myself, but decided to share :)

- 9 Tom Hiddleston
- 1 Catching Fire
- 1 Sons of Anarchy

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Dear US friends

Would any of you maybe be up to sending me the first issue of the "Sons of Anarchy" Comic? Though the Con is still 7 months away, I am already busy thinking abut what to have signed and think this might make a good option. I will of course reimburse you.